Commemoration Stones

The project 197 memorial stones is the private initiative of Marieke Roos-van Riel and Ina Hoogenbosch-Glas.

The initial plan was to place these stones on 20 March 2020, then it became 18 March 2021. Both times corona was a spoilsport. The placing of the stones took place on 6 October 2021.

Digital Monument website

The website is the project and private initiative of Marieke Roos-van Riel, Ina Hoogenbosch-Glas and Roel Wittink. The website took off on 20 March 2021.

Transfer website

The initiators’ intention is to transfer the website to the museum being set up in the Werkdorp community centre in due course. If the museum is not realised, the website will be transferred to Joods Monument after a certain period of time.

Privacy conditions

We deliberately collect as little information as possible. We use Google Analytics to keep an anonymous record of the number of visitors. More information


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Website design

The design and layout of the website is by Mariëtta Goossens