Call for information

We consider this website the digital monument to the 197 work dorpers who became victims of the Holocaust as a start. And are therefore looking to broaden and deepen the data already collected.

For how can we better commemorate the 197 than to ensure that it is known where they grew up, from which family they came, what the fate of these family members was and what the life path of the workdorpers has been. Someone is only dead when she/he is no longer mentioned. Let’s avoid that.

Therefore we call on the reader who has additional information about the workdorpers or knows someone who has additional information to contact us. This can be done via Contact.
We are looking for photos, letters, diaries, documents, official and unofficial etc.

Call for a financial contribution

Most of the work that has gone into creating this website is the commitment and work of volunteers. For the design of the website, we had a financial contribution from the Remembrance Stones project. To manage and keep the website on the air, we are looking for sponsors. 

You can deposit your contribution to account number 


In the name of the Historical Society Wieringermeer
With mention of Commemorative stones

Call for translators

In order to broaden the scope of the website, we plan to offer a translation of the website into Hebrew.
We are therefore looking for translators who can take on this job. We ask them to get in touch with us. This can be done via Contact