Fritz Cohn

25 Years

Fritz Cohn was born on 23 February 1919 in Mühlheim a/d Ruhr. This town lies 20 kilometres east of Duisburg.

He is the youngest in a family of four children. His mother Henriette died at the age of 33 when Fritz was 4 years old. His older brothers Karlo Alfons (1912) and Max (1917) emigrated to Argentina in 1934 and 1935 respectively. His older sister Margarete (1915) followed in 1938. Immediately after Kristallnacht on 9 November 1938, Fritz’ father was arrested and imprisoned in Buchenwald camp for a month. On 21 December 1939 father Gustav – by then a widower for the second time – follows his children to Argentina.

Fritz had left for the Netherlands six months earlier (end of May 1939) and reported to the Werkdorp in early June 1939. In the Werkdorp he was trained as a bank worker. After the Werkdorp was evacuated, he found shelter on Uithoornstraat. After more than six months he moved to Jekerstraat as a neighbour of about ten other Werkdorp people at number 5. Fritz managed to stay under the radar for two years, but in December 1943 he was arrested and taken to Westerbork. After almost four months he is transported to Auschwitz. After five months of forced labour he was murdered on 31 July 1944.Gerda Bergmann was born in Birkenheim on 17 November 1915. The village is located in what is today a Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania with Kalingrad as its capital.

She met Paul Siegfried Cohen in the Labour Village and they married on 29 January 1940. On the occasion of their marriage they left the Werkdorp and went to live in Wieringerwaard. In the autumn of 1940 they left for Baarn. Reportedly, they moved here 3 times. Gerda was arrested on 3 October 1942 and transported to camp Westerbork. Paul Siegfried was already transported to the Conrad labour camp in Rouveen at the beginning of July 1942. He arrived in camp Westerbork on 5 October. They were both transported to Auschwitz on 16 February 1943, where Paul Siegfried was killed after two months and Gerda immediately upon arrival on 19 February 1943.   



Son of

  • Henriëtte Hanna Cohn-Apelt * 31-10-1889 in Mühlheim a/d Ruhr † 31-08-1923 in Mühlheim a/d Ruhr and
  • Gustav Cohn * 02-04-1878 in Mühlheim a/d Ruhr † 13-12-1944 in Buenos Aires 

Last address

Mühlheim, Georgstrasse 24

Last known residences in The Netherlands

  • 02-06-1939
    Werkdorp Wieringen, Nieuwesluizerweg 42, Slootdorp (Wieringen)
  • 20-03-1941
    After the eviction of the Werkdorp deported to Amsterdam
  • 27-03-1941
    Amsterdam, Uithoornstraat 36-hs (Schlomo de Wilde)

  • 11-10-1941
    Amsterdam, Jekerstraat 7-I (fam. Spielman)
  • 10-12-1943
    Op transport naar Westerbork barak 67
  • 03-03-1944
    Op transport naar Auschwitz