Fritz Abrahamsohn

35 years

Fritz Abrahamsohn was born on 28 April 1908 in Rheine. The distance of the city of Rheine is 50 km away from the Dutch town Enschede.

Fritz was the middle child in a family of three. He had an older sister Selma (1906) and a younger sister Henriëtte (1910).

All family members fled to the Netherlands in the thirties. Sister Selma was the first to arrive in November 1931 and worked as a domestic help, first in Nijkerk and later on in Maastricht. She moved to Amsterdam at the end of 1932. Henriette flees to Amsterdam in 1936. Fritz arrives in the Werkdorp in January 1938. He starts working as a farmer. He returns to Amsterdam at the end of 1938. The family is reunited on Volkerakstraat in Amsterdam, where the parents rent a house in June 1939.  

Fritz returns to the Werkdorp three months after his mother’s death in March 1940. In November 1940 the administration of the Werkdorp applies for another pass for him, he leaves teh Werkdorp on the 8th January of 1941 and works for a farmer in Aartswoud. In May 1942 he had to leave and returned to Amsterdam. He settled on Volkerakstraat with his sister Henriëtte, her husband, his sister Selma, and his father.

Fritz meets Eva van Kleeff in Amsterdam and they marry on 20 July 1942. They were arrested on 12th March 1943 and were taken to Vught. On 2th July 1943 they are transferred to Westerbork. Together with the group of inhabitants of the Kibbutz in Laag Keppel they are transported to Sobibor on July the 6th of 1943, where they were killed on arrival on the 9th of July of 1943.

Selma was on the next transport to Sobibor and was killed there on 16 July 1943. Herman, the father, was deported on the second of March 1943 and was killed three days later.

Henriëtte was transported to Auschwitz on 7 September and was killed there on 30 November 1943.

Frits Abrahamsohn



Son of

  • Jeanette Abrahamsohn * 11-08-1875 in Rheine 
    † 10-03-1940 in Amsterdam and
  • Hermann Abrahamsohn * 14-07-1874 in Lengerich
    † 05-03-1943 in Sobibor

Last address


Last known residences in The Netherlands

  • 21-01-1938
    Werkdorp Wieringen, Nieuwesluizerweg 42, Slootdorp (Wieringen)
  • 27-12-1938
    Amsterdam, Roerstraat 115-II
  • 05-06-1940
    Werkdorp Wieringen, Nieuwesluizerweg 42, Slootdorp (Wieringen
  • 08-01-1941
    Aartswoud (township Hoogwoud) E32
  • 13-05-1942
    Amsterdam, Volkerakstraat 51-I
  • 08-10-1942
    Amsterdam, Smaragdstraat 7-I
  • 10-11-1942
    Amsterdam, Colesonstraat 3-b
  • 12-03-1943
    Deportation to Camp Vught
  • 02-07-1943
    Deportation to Camp Westerbork Barrack 57
  • 06-07-1943
    Deportation to Sobibor