Eduard Erhard Rothschild

21 Years

Eduard Erhard was born on March 26, 1921, in Frankfurt am Main. He fled to Holland in early 1939 and was educated in the Werkdorp, working there as a farmer. His parents go on a transport from Frankfurt to Theresienstadt on September 1, 1942. His father dies shortly after arrival on Sept. 17, 1942, his mother two years later on Aug. 15, 1944. His older sister Marianne (May 2, 1919) was able to flee to England in 1939, and after a year she made the crossing to the U.S.

Eduard was among 60 stayers who had to handle the ongoing business and bring in the harvest after the Working Village was evacuated on March 20, 1941. At the final closure of the Working Village on Aug. 1, 1941, Eduard does not seek a place near the Working Village with a farmer for an individual hachshara, but plans to go to Kibbutz Franeker with Alfred Braun and Robert Feblowicz.
If they have been there at all, it is very brief, for they arrive at the Kibbutz in Laag Keppel only a few weeks after leaving the Working Village. From Laag Keppel he tries to flee in the fall of 1942 but he is arrested in Belgium. He is put on transport from Camp Mechelen to Auschwitz in late October 1942 and forwarded to Camp Mauthausen where he is murdered on November 12, 194



Son of

  • Melanie Rothschild-Emmerich * 13-12-1880 in Bad Homburg † 15-08-1944 in Theresienstadt and
  • Louis Rothschild * 06-04-1864 in Bad Homburg † 17-09-1942 in Theresienstadt

Last address

Bad Homburg, Louisenstrasse 97

Last known residences in The Netherlands

  • 13-02-1939
    Werkdorp Wieringen, Nieuwesluizerweg 42, Slootdorp (Wieringen)
  • 21-07-1941
    Franeker, Kibboets 
  • 14-08-1941 
    Laag-Keppel, De Kleine Haar
  • 28-10-1942
    Deportation to Auschwitz from SS Sammellager Mechelen
  • 01-11-1942

    Deportation to Mauthausen